I'm Greg Bartlett, a digital artist from Adelaide, Australia. Since I started freelancing in 2011, I've worked on a number of animations and games. Services I offer include backgrounds for animated films and webseries, 2D environment art for games, game assets including tile-sets, isometric graphics, animated sprites and tileable backgrounds and textures.

Studio Moshi
Background Artist
2017 - Current
Line work, colouring and lighting of backgrounds, plus process development in the jungle locations for an unnanounced production.

Freelance Background Artist and Game Artist
2011 - Current
Freelance 2D background art for animation and art assets for games. Clients include JazzaStudios, Armor Games, Monstrum Games and Jay Armstrong Games

Draw with Jazza
Background Artist
2015 - 2016
Created backgrounds for 'The Tale Teller', an animated short by the Youtube channel Draw with Jazza and funded by Screen Australia's Skip Ahead grant.

Elvidian Entertainment
Freelance Game Artist
2011 - 2014
Created backgrounds and in game art assets for web games including 'Portal Panic', 'The Engineer', 'Shadow Tag', 'Robinson Crusoe: The Game', 'Cripple Cannon', 'Ortus' and 'Battle For Wayland Keep'

BrightMind Studios
Freelance Game Artist
2012 - 2014
Created 2D art assets for 'Saving Xena' including objects, tiles, animated sprites and UI assets.

Awesome Fighter Animation
Freelance Background Artist
2011 - 2011
Created backgrounds for the web series 'Livin' With Steve'

Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media - Game Art
2009 - 2010

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